This is a series of articles on my blog with suggestions for ways to decrease your wordcount and tighten your writing. Some of the techniques will allow you to drop hundreds of words in one swoop. Others will save only a word here and a few words there that add up to hundreds of words throughout the document. When you apply all of these ideas in your manuscript, it can lead to dropping thousands of words, often up to ten percent of your manuscript or more.

PART 1 - Reduce Weasel Words
PART 2 - Change Progressive Tenses to Simple Tenses
PART 3 - Change Passive Voice to Active Voice
PART 4 - Pull Out Backstory Dumps
PART 5 - Chop or Consolidate Episodic Scenes
PART 6 - Don't Filter Senses
PART 7 - Drop Adverbs
PART 8 - Take Out Small Movements
PART 9 - Drop Dialogue Tags
PART 10 - Resist the Urge to Tell