.................SUZANNE'S BOOKS.................

These books are not yet published. My agent, Terry Burns, is working diligently to find a publishing home for The Race that Lies Before Us, and I am in various stages of writing and revision on the remaining books.

PERIL: Fast Track Thriller #1
A top-secret agent with enhanced strength must use her extraordinary abilities during several high-profile assignments—from the White House to NASCAR tracks—and struggles with trusting God to protect her when unwanted publicity threatens to expose her secrets. As the danger builds, she attracts the interest of NASCAR champion, Stuart Jackson, and she becomes a terrorist target. Finally, she realizes the only way she can save her life as she knows it is through death.

Disappearing Mom
A series of embarrassing incidents leads Crystal to discover that she can disappear by sinking into the non-entity status often relegated to mothers. She has some humorous adventures as she learns to control her newfound ability, but doesn’t realize how it is transforming her opinion of herself until a near-death experience, then the truth from a friend open her eyes to her real worth as a wife and mother.

Marital Fiction
Life shattered by a broken engagement and identity theft, Marissa hopes the substantial inheritance left to her will bring the financial security she craves, but compliance with the manipulative old woman's terms will mean she must give up her newfound love. When her ex-fiance's plans to tiptoe around the requirements don't work out as expected, Marissa wonders if the price she must pay is too high.

A NASCAR Romance (a short story)