Sometimes when you finish writing your novel, you find that the amount of words you used to tell the story doesn't meet the minimum number of words most publishers look for in that particular genre. If you ever find yourself in such a spot, here are some ways to increase the amount of words you use. You will most likely find that these techniques also increase the depth of your story and characterization.

PART 1 - Add a Subplot
PART 2 - Add Additional Obstacles
PART 3 - Check Your Character's Motivation
PART 4 - Use All the Senses
PART 5 - Add Details to Descriptions
PART 6 - Add Details to Action Scenes
PART 7 - Add Action Beats
PART 8 - Use Motivation/Reaction Units
PART 9 - Add Action to Internal Thoughts
PART 10 - Intensify Tension and Conflict

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