My Christian Journey

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian family. We attended church almost every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, and sometimes Sunday nights. I was familiar with and believed all the Bible stories, but I didn't feel the need to act upon my beliefs until a discussion I had with two cousins who attended a church of a different denomination.

Somehow, we got onto the topic of a denominational difference. They explained the way they did things in their church, and I explained what the Bible said about the matter. Suddenly I realized that if I knew the Bible well enough to explain something as esoteric as the priesthood of the believer (although I didn't know that's what it was called at the time), I understood it well enough to obey God's command regarding how to come to Him.

Shortly after that discussion, I chose to follow God's path--to come to Him through his Son, Jesus Christ. I prayed and admitted that I was a sinner. I told Him I believed that Jesus died on the cross to pay for my sins then rose again three days later. And finally, I asked God to be a part of my life. Not long afterwards I made my confession of faith public when I was baptized.

It would be easy to say my Christian journey ended there, but that was just the beginning. God has slowly, painstakingly, and lovingly led me along the path He prepared for me. He has molded me and changed me from the inside out, although I'm far from a completed project. He has taught me through church leaders, through Christian friends, through books and Bible studies, through my husband and especially through my children. Sometimes He has had to smack me upside the head to get my attention. Other times, He has allowed me time to make the choice He knew was best for me.

My Christian journey will not be completed until the day I stand before God in heaven. Until that time, I continue to learn and grow, and God continues to mold me. My writing journey is simply the most recent way He is at work in my life.