Updated 8/09

The following literary agencies state on their website that they have at least one agent who represents authors of Christian fiction and/or who has attended a Christian writers’ conference. They may represent secular authors and non-fiction as well, but this list concentrates exclusively on Christian fiction.

The information below is accurate according to information on their websites. The fact that they are on this list does not constitute an endorsement of any kind.

Before you contact any agent, make sure to check their website for their submission guidelines. While I will try to update this list at least yearly, many things can change at an agency between updates. Agents come and go, what each agency is looking for changes regularly, and the status of accepting submissions may change. Make sure you have the most up-to-date information by checking the website before contacting any agency.

Alive Communications
Agents: Lee Hough, Rick Christian, Joel Kneedler, Andrea Heinecke
Genres: Adult and YA, children’s gift books
Only accepting queries from authors with at least one book commercially published (not self-published) or who are referred by an Alive Communications client.

Andrea Hurst Literary Management
Agent: Judy Mikalonis
Genres: adult and YA

Benrey Literary
Agent: Janet Benrey, Ron Benrey
Only accepts brief e-mail queries from unpublished authors, queries and proposals from previously published authors, and queries and proposals from unpublished authors referred by current B-L clients.

The Blythe Daniel Agency

Agents: Blythe Daniel
Genres: adult fiction, children’s books

Books & Such
Agents: Janet Grant, Wendy Lawson, Etta Wilson, Rachel Zurakowski
Genres: adult fiction (Janet & Wendy), children’s fiction (Etta), YA & 20-30 something (Rachel)

Browne & Miller Literary Associates
Web Site:
http://www.browneandmiller.comAgents: Joanna MacKenzie, Danielle Egan-Miller
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, YA, Women's Fiction, Mystery, General Fiction, teen/chick/mom/lady lit, Women’s Fiction,

Creative Trust Agency

Agents: Dan Raines, Katie Sulkowski
Genres: not listed on their website
Does not accept unsolicited manuscripts or book proposals from unpublished authors, but will accept unsolicited inquiries from previously published authors.

Daniel Literary Group

Agent: Greg Daniel
Genres: general fiction, inspirational, suspense/thriller (no Children's, YA, Romance, or Science fiction/Fantasy

D.J. Jacobson & Associates
Agents: Don Jacobson, David Van Diest, Jenni Burke, Lauren Yoho
Genres: all types of Christian YA and adult fiction, children’s literature

Donald Maass Literary Agency
Agents: Donald Maass, Jennifer Jackson, Cameron McClure,
Genres: all types of fiction

Dreisbach Literary Management
Agent: Verna Dreisbach
Genres: literary and commercial fiction with a particular fondness for mystery and thrillers

Eames Literary Services
Agents: John Eames
Genres: YA and adult fiction

Farris Literary Agency
Agents: Mike Farris, Susan Farris
Genres: thrillers, suspense, mysteries, romance, mainstream, action/adventure,
Currently only accepting submissions from referrals and writers conferences.

Foundry Literary + Media
Agents: Chris Park
Genres: character-driven fiction

Hartline Literary Agency
Agents: Joyce Hart, Tamela Hancock Murray, Diana Flegal, Terry Burns
Genres: commercial fiction (no children’s)

The Knight Agency
Agents: Deidre Knight
Genres: specializes in women’s fiction, romance, young adult, literary fiction, mystery, fantasy and science-fiction, as well as multicultural and inspirational/religious fiction

Leslie H. Stobbe Agency
Website: None (should be able to see his guidelines for submission at but the link is currently broken)
Agent: Les Stobbe
Genres: all fiction except sci-fi and fantasy

Literary Management Group
Agent: Bruce Barbour
Genres: fiction (no childrens’ books)

Living Word Literary Agency
Agent: Kimberly Shumate
Genres: adult and YA fiction

MacGregor Literary

Agents: Chip MacGregor, Sandra Bishop
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Contemporary Fiction, Women's Fiction, General Fiction

Mortimer Literary Agency
Agent: Kelly Mortimer
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, Contemporary, Mainstream Fiction, Paranormal/Time Travel/Fantasy, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Thrillers/Suspense (without romance), Women’s Fiction, Young Adult
Closed to submissions at this time (check website for the few exceptions listed)
Only signs PRE-PUBLISHED writers (those who have yet to snag a contract with a traditional pub house), or haven’t had a book pubbed within the last three years.

Nappaland Literary Agency
Agents: Mike Nappa, Alex Smart
Genres: suspense, women’s fiction
Currently not accepting any new authors for representation unless they are recommended by a current Nappaland author or editor.

Natasha Kern Literary Agency
Agent: Natasha Kern
Genres: specializes in women's fiction (including inspirational fiction, romantic suspense, contemporary and historical romances, and multicultural fiction) and currently seeking historical novels; contemporary fiction and a broad range of inspirational fiction (including suspense and mysteries, historicals, romance, and contemporary novels

The Seymour Agency
Agent: Mary Sue Seymour
Genres: any type of romance including: historical, contemporary category, contemporary mainstream, suspense, paranormal, regency or inspirational

Spencerhill Associates
Website: unable to find website, but you can find information about this agency at:
Agents: Karen Solem
Genres: Chick Lit, Christian, Commercial Fiction, Women's Fiction, Romance, Historical Fiction, Thrillers/Suspense, Multi-Cultural
Not currently accepting unsolicited queries.

Sterling Lord Literistic
Agents: Claudia Cross
Genres: "books for the CBA marketplace"

Steve Laube Agency
Agent: Steve Laube
Genres: Christian fiction in all genres

Three Seas Literary Agency
Agents: Michelle Grajkowski, Cori Deyoe
Genres: inspirational romance

VanDiest Literary Agency
Agents: David Van Diest, Sarah Van Diest
Genres: "While we mainly handle non-fiction, there are a select group of fiction writers who have a unique [Christian] message which is enhanced because of the format of fiction."

The Waxman Literary Agency
Agents: Holly Root
Genres: upmarket and commercial fiction, including women's fiction, mystery, urban fantasy, romance, and YA

William K. Jensen Literary Agency

Agents: William Jensen
Genres: all fiction except YA and sci-fi/fantasy

Word Serve Literary
Agents: Greg Johnson, Rachelle Gardner, Caleb Seeling
Genres: all fiction

Winters, King and Associates

Agents: Thomas Winters
Genres: specifics not listed on website

Zachary Shuster Harmsworth
Agents: Mary Beth Chappell
Genres: historical fiction, inspirational fiction, Christian fiction, upmarket women's fiction, Southern fiction, cozy mysteries and young adult fiction
Not currently accepting unsolicited submissions of any kind.

Suzanne Hartmann - Suspense with a Twist -

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