I consider myself a teacher, so my goal with each critique is not only to find and fix writing errors, but to teach how to recognize and fix each issue. This way, my clients take away more than just an edit of their work. They learn valuable lessons that can be applied to the piece submitted for the critique as well as all future writing.

I will read the first two pages of your manuscript and evaluate what your needs are to take your writing to the next level. . While I will not critique these pages, I will give you an idea of what type of errors I see to back up my recommendation.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this new service, please e-mail me at homestead1997-blog@yahoo.com with the following:
1) A brief paragraph about your writing journey.
2) A brief description about your manuscript.
3) The first 2 pages of your manuscript.

My Services
Partial Critiques:
First chapter (up to 3,000 words) - $25.00
First 3 chapters (up to 9,000 words) - $75.00
After you revise your manuscript (even if it's been a while), if you would like me to critique the entire manuscript, I will deduct the amount paid for the Partial Critique from the total fee for the Full Critique.

Full Critique:
.01/word (figured by Microsoft Word's wordcounter)

What I include in my Critiques:
- mark spelling errors

- mark grammatical errors, tell why they are incorrect, and make suggestions on how to fix them

- mark stylistic errors, tell why they are incorrect, and make suggestions on how to fix them

- offer reader feedback. (anything that strikes me as odd or doesn’t make sense, anything that takes me out of the story or makes me reread, anything that tickles my funny bone, hits a nerve, or is particularly touching)

- make comments about the good things as well as the errors

Interested in My Services?
Please contact me at homestead1997-blog@yahoo.com

"Thank you so much for your insightful and thorough review of my manuscript! Your edits are so easy to follow and the accompanying comments really help explain why the changes are necessary, point out stylistic improvements, weak story elements and so much more! I consider your critique a valuable investment in my career and myself. Thank you again!" -Daniel A.

"I just read your comments, and they are fantastic! Everything you provided was helpful and easily understood. You have improved my story, and made me want to be a better writer." Paul H.

"Thank you for your time and especially for your comments. I am grateful for your thoroughness." Ruth M.

"Wow. I can't get over how terrific your suggestions were." Ellen M.

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