So You're an Author
In this seminar, I share the journey I've taken as an author--both the joys and pitfalls--as well as what it takes to make it in the publishing industry.

Avoid the Biggest Novel-Writing Mistakes
A new author has many lessons to learn. In this seminar, I present the top mistakes I see when I critique the writing of a new author. In my just-the-facts-ma'am style, I present the issues, why they should be avoided, and how they can be fixed.

Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website/Blog
Having a presence on the web means more than just starting a website or blog--you have to get people to visit them. In this seminar, I introduce easy, mostly free, and relatively low-tech ways to call attention to your website or blog.

Five Ways to Improve Your Writing
This seminar is for both fiction and non-fiction writing. The five techniques I introduce are grammatical issues which apply to both styles of writing.

Get the Most out of a Critique Group
Participating in a critique group is one of the best ways to polish a manuscript. In this seminar, I introduce ways to get the most from the lessons you learn through a critique group or critique partners. 

How to Hook Your Readers
The beginning of a novel is the most important part of your book. It is also the toughest part to write. In this seminar, I discuss the best ways to hook readers and avoid story-starting pitfalls. 

Learn to Write a Fiction Proposal
To sell a novel to an agent or a publisher, you need a book proposal. In this seminar, I present the definitions you need to know to prepare a proposal that will give editors and agents the information they need.

Showing vs. Telling
We all know that fiction should show the story, not tell it, but that can be easier said than done. In this seminar, I not only give examples to show the difference between showing and telling, but give tips on how to keep your writing showing and stay away from the pitfalls of telling. 

So You Want to Be an Author
What does it take to be an author? In this seminar, I present the traits a person needs to develop to make it in the dog-eat-dog world of publishing.

Tighten Your Writing
Tight writing not only creates a books that is less costly to print, but also makes for writing won't let the reader's attention wander. In this seminar, I present both little ways to tighten sentences and big ways to tighten chapters.
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